Disable block editor in WordPress ( Explained)

Block Editor:

WordPress introduces Gutenberg (block editor) on 2018 A.D with version update of WordPress as 5.0 that creates a huge impact on users regarding its usability. Most of the blogger found difficult to use Gutenberg and prefer Classic Editor instead Gutenberg.

People find it hard to accept Gutenberg updates when they don’t see why it’s necessary to change something that was working fine and users were used to the classic editor because most of us found it as simple and easy to use.


block editor

In this blog we will learn about switching to the classic editor in two simple ways that may not take more than 5 minutes for its implementation.

  • Installing Classic Editor

This is the easiest way to revert back to the classic editor and to install classic editor you should follow the following steps:

  1. Go to plugins section on WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Click on add new plugin
  3. Search for classic editor
  4. Install and activate the plugin


Now you are done .

If you don’t like to install worpress plugin then  you can also disable block editor using code ,here I have given full steps for disabling block editor using function.php file .

  • Disable Block Editor

To disable the block editor , you need to open theme editor ( Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Editor ) and copy the below code .

#New Edit For Disable
add_filter( ‘use_block_editor_for_post’, ‘__return_false’ );


After  opening the theme editor select function.php file and paste the above code into that file and update the function.php file and you successfully disabled the block editor.