Best way to start blog in 2020

Starting blog is a great decision that you have made and I know it is a hard time for a beginner blogger to start a blog without guideline and advisor so in this blog section I will guide you to be a professional blogger by starting a blog from scratch. All you need to have patience and you must go through.

As i discussed in my first post that how you can earn through affiliated marketing, today i will discuss how you can earn simply through blogging. Earning from Blogging is not cup of tea ,you need passion and hard work. You must have a research mind so that your content will be viable to the latest market. For example, If you write about NOKIA 1600 none of the people search about it and you cannot derive traffic to your site and people are not interested to know about the configuration of the Nokia 1600 model. Today’s market is viable to android users and most of the people are interest on choose niche of blog according to market demand so that you can derive traffic from posts.You should be clever regarding Niche of your blog ,most easy way to select Niche of blog is your key of interest.If you are interested on mobile gadgets or technology related stuff then start Tech blog, on which you can write reviews about gadgets,tech etc.

After selection of Niche of your blog,now you need to choose good platform to start you blog. To start a blog you should have a personal hosting such as bluehost, it is a very simple and innovating and easy to manage your blog easier, especially WordPress Blog and bluehost is one of the dedicated Hosting platform for wordpress,I suggest to use bluehost for your website and blog.
But if you want completely free blog then you can use Blogger which is completely free by google but all you need is custom domain.For custom domain like,you need to buy from registar which probably cost you 12$ normally or you can register free .np domain(link) ccTLD .But if you want to become professional blogger then go with wordpress because wordpress is easy to manage and there are alots of tools and plugins available for SEO .But if you are beginner and donot want to take risk then you can choose blogger which is free and secured.Blogger is free platform for blog around the world and it is hosted by google.Since it owned by google here you can enjoy alots free services like SSL and your blog is totally protected.Earning from Blogging dream will come true if you have passion besides the good platform.


It is the most important phase where Earning from Blogging will come true.In this phase you should launch website or blog which must be user friendly.After launching blogs all you need is good content and search engine optimization(SEO).Earning from Blogging is not that hard,all you need is consistency and little analysis.If you are newbie then at begining, you may not know what visitors want to read in your blog but after few posts you can easily analyse which posts are getting good hits and response.To make your task easier there are many tools available. Google Search Engine Console (link) ,Search Engine Console for Bing and Baidu*(link) ,Keyword research tools(link),etc which can reduce burden and you can easily rank your post in search engine(link).
Earning from Blogging is possible when you have adsense account or its aternatives or affiliate marketing.For Adsense account your blog should enough content and has good visitors.Earning from adsense depends upon the Niche of your blog.For example ; your blog is about insurance and google has many advertiser then you can get good CPC(cost per click) and can earn good revenue.But if your blog is about lifestyle and photography and google has not enough advertiser related to your blog niche and your country location then cpc is low and you cannot maximize revenue.You can earn from affiliate marketing which i am discussed in my earlier blog.You can check the post from here.You can earn from local brand by promoting the brands in your blogs but to get such advertisment your blog should be popular enough and has a good alexa ranking(link).
At last i wish your Earning from Blogging jouney will be longer in your life and you will generate good revenue from blog.I present you my earning from adsense which i have generated from this blog.My earning is not high because i cannot give my full time on blogging as i am engineering student and web developer.